Don’t Call Me a Hipster!

The goal of this assignment was to recreate a famous painting and give it a modern twist. Without any hesitation, I knew I was going to do this assignment on the infamous Frida Kahlo.

The Process:

I settled on Frida’s more famous self-portrait. It was clean, colorful, and spoke to the very essence of Frida. Next, I rounded up my friend Amanda to be my muse. Considering she was Frida for Halloween I knew she would not object to the unibrow.

When concerning the composition, I wanted to portray Frida as a modern American. She was political rebel, feminist, and Surrealist or in other words, a hipster. So I designed the costume to reflect what I image a person at Occupy Wall Street might look like. However, I did want to maintain the integrity of Frida’s unibrow, because it was a critical element of her identity (modern hipsters have discovered tweezers).

During the photo shoot I captured the perfect shot on my first try. But for good measure I took 10 more just in case.

On my computer I cropped the photo, so it would be a little tighter, and adjusted the exposure by 10%. All of this was accomplished in Picnik. Below is master creation!











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9 Responses to “Don’t Call Me a Hipster!”

  1. Miss MC says:

    Thanks Linda! It was hard to get Amanda to stop smiling but it turned out well.

  2. Linda says:

    Wow! This is spot on, Rachel!!! The lighting , exposure, everything is perfect, and you captured the mood so well. I saw the assignment and was tempted, but had no idea where to start… Great job!

  3. Sam says:

    This is awesome!

  4. Miss MC says:

    I agree! Frida used color exquisitely. In hindsight I wish I used a more colorful background.

  5. Miss MC says:

    That’s true but there is only so much I can inflict on my friends before they whine.

  6. Really neat! I think you captured the original image well! Love the unibrow and the flower, just missing a tiny bit of mustache haha!

  7. Tyler says:

    The one assignment I figured no one (by that I mainly mean me) would do and you did it amazingly. Good job.

  8. Christie M says:

    Cool idea! Really well done, the new picture has just enough of the original painting mixed in with the modern aspect. Props to your friend for willingly sporting the unibrow!

  9. nikkapotamus says:

    fabulous. You have the perfect expression on your face for Frida. The lily is a nice touch too. I wish there was a bit more color in the background (Frida was known for her bright colors), but you created a beautiful picture that definitely resembles Frida.