The Daily Challenge: Blog Post Style

I have decided that the widget was no longer an effective tool for the TDC, so I’m starting the blogz now. All of my past TDC can be found under the menu option labeled ‘DS106’. word.

Today’s Challenge calls for a photo that represents something you aspire to do or be. Let’s be honest, I’m a college kid, that answer is far to big and real for me right now. However, I do have one, small, and reasonable aspiration…. I want my motherf&#$% Peace Lily to bloom again. That’s all I ask. But that dang thing has not bloomed again since the day I bought her. It’s not fair. I nurture her like a child and instead I have a plant suffering from fertilizer burns sans blooms.

Also, I did cheat and use an old photo, but I wanted to share with you the goal, the dream.

One Response to “The Daily Challenge: Blog Post Style”

  1. Linda says:

    It’s booooooooootiful!!!!!! It would also look great as the color splash assignment. I love it. I wanna paint it. (when I learn how to paint…)