Don’t Try Too Hard


I have never heard of the demotivational poster meme before I saw this assignment. This assignment was easy once you found the right site like this one. My goal was to take a traditionally valued quality and turn it on its head.  

Despair, Inc. is a nifty site and is super user friendly. This site enables you to upload images straight from your computer and type into a prefab template.

I selected a photo that I took over the summer. My favorite part of ‘old school’ motivational posters were the National Geographic quality photos. They always featured a stunning shot of some type of wildlife juxtaposed with some insipid catchphrase. So instead of cliche I made it real.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Try Too Hard”

  1. I like your demotivational poster. There seems to be some truth to it! Just by looking around the environment you can see it, people ignoring other because they are differnt, the same part is you are suppose to be yourself. Great job. Also thanks for posting a helpful site for making one!

  2. Jim Groom says:

    Also, I love the idea of returning to the National Geographic aesthetic for your demotivational poster. Very nice.

  3. Brian Brown says:

    Not sure which is cooler, the forever alone salamander or the fact that you found this salamander in the great wild