1 Narrative/ 4 Small Icons

I have some news. I am in love. With the NounProject. It is a fantastic site full of simple yet dynamic icons that are for public use. It has inspired me to start designing my own icons but my roommate likes to remind me that I still have real homework pending.

So, I indulge myself with ds106 ‘homework.’ I became fascinated with this assignment, which called for creating a narrative with only four icons. It’s a brilliant challenge!

The Clues

I focused on a movie that was iconic to my childhood, because it seemed appropriate. And no it’s not those films of wizard boy wonder. I remember this film once terrified me when I was young(er) but now I just laugh at the cheesy 80’s special effects. It’s raw adventure, and promotes that smart people can be cool too.

The Process

I wanted each icon to represent a key climatic moment in the film that followed an intuitive chronological order. Or in other words, the first icon is for the first quarter of the film, etc. Next, I hunted in NounProject’s site for a symbol that matched to what I wanted to communicate. Next I uploaded the images into Chogger, because it such an easy site to get access to neat, little boxes.


Now it’s your turn, name that movie!

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9 Responses to “1 Narrative/ 4 Small Icons”

  1. […] Here’s mine, which I call “Young Whipper” based on the original work done by MC Guirk: […]

  2. Miss MC says:

    the beer?

  3. Brian Brown says:

    I’d much prefer to decode 80’s movies on Lionshead caps late at night, this is the way

  4. Miss MC says:

    YESYESYES! I’m so glad that it made sense to someone! It was hard trying to conceptualize the fight scene at the bar in the beginning, but I was hoping that the ubiquitous shovel would help compensate for its ambiguity.

  5. Jim Groom says:

    Is it the very great Raiders of the Lost Ark? I hope so, because that would mean you understand how much cooler the 80s was than any other movie decade.

  6. Miss MC says:

    Here is a hint: The last frame is a Nazi submarine stealing something.

  7. Annie Belle says:

    I HAVE NO IDEA. helllppppp.

  8. Miss MC says:

    Close. The fire is not romantic but there is treasure!

  9. Linda says:

    Ugh… I’m really bad at this. A romantic fireplace scene… then something happens in the desert. There’s a burial… no, treasure. Yes, they find treasure. And then… hmm… a ship. sail. cruise? I give up. 🙁