The Making of AMCX

After working on the DS106 radio show assignment, I have a new appreciation for the work that NPR interns do everyday. It’s tedious piecing together a radio show.

First, you have to write the script. But make sure it follows a logical and intuitive order. If not, you risk recording several versions where you mix up what time of day it is throughout. Uhhh Oops.

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Next, you need to record yourself reading the script you just spent an hour tweaking. Remember to repeat this to yourself: What Would Morgan Freeman Do?

Third, edit, edit, edit.

Last, do not feel discouraged because you just spent the last four hours working on only four minutes of your radio piece. At least, all of this was true for my group, AMCX. Slowly, slowly it is all coming together. So far we have accomplished several items from our never-ending to-do list:

1) 2 commercials (check and check)

2) radio bumpers (mos def)

3) political debate piece (still waiting on Handgela but let’s just check it for morale)

4) Linda’s investigative report (YES. Linda the superstar, as usual)

5) One smooth edited radio show (what am I? magic?)

Keep your fingers crossed but the goal is to have a completed radio show by Friday. Bless the news interns, I have no idea how they do everything so fast.

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3 Responses to “The Making of AMCX”

  1. Miss MC says:

    Linda did a fantastic job! She disappeared for two days and came back with a beautifully composed piece. And that Kim Droom guy was ehh okay I guess. 😉

  2. Jim Groom says:

    I meant “write up.” Why can’t I right? 🙂

  3. Jim Groom says:

    Excellent right up, and I am looking forward to your group’s radio show with great anticipation, tonight was a perfect teaser. I want more!