PREproduction: Play-by-Play

Fact: Jokes are only funny when you explain the punch line in explicit detail. The more detail, the better.

Fact: I watch a lot of documentaries.

Goal: For the Play-by-Play assignment, I will analyze a pivotal scene in the movie The Hangover and explain why it’s funny.

Specifically, I will be analyzing the scene above, because honestly, it was the only hearty chuckle this movie got out me, so it must be funny. In addition, I will utilize ground-breaking humor theory in order to fully examine it’s hilarity.

Coming soon to a computer near you.

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3 Responses to “PREproduction: Play-by-Play”

  1. Jim Groom says:

    I, too, thought this was a funny scene in this film. And while a lot of this film was lost on me, I can actually understand why it was hugely popular, this dude is hysterical.

  2. Miss MC says:

    More like I take everything too seriously then the jokes go over my head.

  3. James Cruz says:

    I am interested to hear how you found only this part of the movie funny. Were the other portions of the movie too grotesque? I found the raunchy humor less than appealing as well later on.