Coffee Is, My

Inspiration is a fickle woman. If she calls you at 7am for with an awesome idea for an assignment, then you just have to follow it. Plus, your alarm is set for that time and you should get up anyway.

The goal of this assignment was to create a narrative without dialogue. My inspiration was to dramatize my daily routine. The order to my morning is like clock work: get up, open blinds, make coffee, drink the coffee, water plants, check email, shower. The most important part is the coffee, always the coffee.

The Process:

Since it actually was 7am, I had to play cameraman, director, and actress. I experimented with camera angles, lighting and framing. Please note the really cool coffeepot handle moment. In iMovie, I edited down the 30 minutes of film into 2 minutes. Which was difficult considering I tweaking out on five cups of coffee. The fun part was picking out the song I wanted to incorporate. I finally settled on ‘Her Disappearing Theme’ from Broken Social Scene.

Overall, I loved working on this project and I am little attached to what I created. So be nice and enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Coffee Is, My”

  1. Miss MC says:

    I’m glad you liked this one. This was my ah-ha moment when I realized that I can make video art.

  2. Jim Groom says:

    This is brilliantly done, the idea of turning a morning ritual into art, and framing it with in a coffee handle is gorgeous. I love the idea of the quotidian as art, and you doing this magically. The music makes the scene, it reminds me of theat 80s/90s mainstays This Mortal Coil and/or Cocteau Twins

  3. I love how you can see your reflection in the coffee pot, this is great! Very well recorded and put together

  4. Miss MC says:

    Aww thanks! Maybe when I have time I will do an extended cut. Post coffee bliss edition.

  5. Miss MC says:


  6. Linda says:

    Awesome job, Rachel! This looks so professional! The music really sets the mood and is perfect for the video. Very. very. artfully done. very… I’m definitely recommending this. Ha! 😉

  7. Chelsea says:

    I loved the way you positioned the camera so you were in the coffee handle. I also loved a lot of the other angled shots as well (like the one in the beginning when you are waking up). The music set the mood for sure, and when combined with the way your facial expression at the end, I thought that something else was going to happen. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I thought it was great!

  8. Liz says:

    This is so amazing, I don’t even know where to begin. So impressed that you managed to make something as commonplace as making morning coffee this beautiful. All of your shots seem so carefully chosen and flow together really well. Also: brilliant music choice.

  9. Feng Chen says:

    I love that you can see the coffee in the foreground and you moving into the background. It creates a really nice effect to the dramatic narrative! I think it’s also one of the video elements. 🙂 And I like the choice of music. Again, it adds to the dramatic-ness. Good work!