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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

My fascination with electronic literature started when I accidently stumbled upon Dr. Whalen’s blog for his E-Lit class. I discovered a whole new world of narratives in the form of hypertext stories. So, for my final project for DS106 I want to create my own e-lit masterpiece.

A key part of the DS106 community is the connections between all of the pioneers. We have knitted together an intimate community that is not only participating in its structure but also creating it. However, to the outsider it’s a group a crazy people shouting out strange acronyms (e.g. TDC) and laughing at complex inside jokes.

To mitigate our esoteric nature, I want to create an interconnecting diagram that will highlight connections, stories, and dialogues between members of the DS106 community. Ideally, a person can map another pioneer’s creative journey and progress in DS106.

In regards to the visual element, I envisioned a cyborg brain with circuits and semiconductors. Then when a person clicks on a resonator or capacitor there will be a story.

My hope is that this project will be carried on by future DS106 pioneers and the web of connections will continue to grow and become more complex.