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Cat(s) Make Better Art

Friday, April 13th, 2012

My first try with the new generator hit gold. Add Dr. Seuss to Fat Cat art. However, I was nervous about messing other ds106 pioneers’ work. So I went with what was safe, and I decided to play with Cogdog’s work as seen here:

It nice and all but it was missing something, like some Dr. Seuss action.





BAM! Cat in the Hat making a come back.

Now, I could have stopped here and said, ta-da, my first mash-up and be done with it. However, the narrative is still the same as what Cogdog created except there are a few additions to the cast.

That’s when I noticed that the cat’s line of sight is directly at the fish bowl (didn’t plan that). So, by adjusting the saturation levels and adding a little paint. I made a NCIS-esque crime scene photo.




Maybe the red, evil eyes thing is a bit cheesy but I think its warranted considering the original dog poker painting is a cultural cliche.