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A Walk to REALLY Remember

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

And that’s a wrap folk. Thirty stars are finally finished. For my last video assignment I decide to tackle ‘Redub the Audio‘ but give it a twist.

Sure, I could have recorded my own voice over the video but that’s too easy and I’m not funny. Who is funny, Quentin Tarantino. I decided to rip the audio from the opening scene of Pulp Fiction and apply it to a less appropriate video. Say, a religious romance film like A Walk to Remember.¬†Suddenly, a sweet flirty conversation on a school bus is now debating the ontological crisis to robbing people of a living.

The Process:

First, I ripped the audio using MPEG from a video clip that I downloaded from da Youtube. Next I uploaded the video of the bus scene in Walk to Remember to iMovie with the newly ripped audio from Pulp Fiction.

Next, I spent time cutting up the scene to match the audio better. There are a few weird spots but at least no one is moving their mouth when they are not speaking.

Most of my time was spent matching audio to video. It was especially difficult considering  Jamie, the female lead, only talks twice during the entire scene, but in the audio clip I needed her to speak three times.