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Play-by-Play: The Hangover

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Bam! I finally stopped tweaking and posted this play-by-play humor analysis of the Wolfpack Speech scene in The Hangover. This go around I stated playing with transitions and incorporating music.

The Process:

First, I downloaded the video from da Youtube and opened it in iMovie. Next, I added my analysis via the voiceover by pushing the microphone button in iMovie.


During this process I noticed that the longer narratives were dull and needed a little spice. So, I added some mood music. In order to ensure that the music did not fight with my voiceover I tweaked the music settings.

Click the box next the ‘Ducking’ while the audio that you want dominant is selected as well. This is will allow the other audio file to be present but play in the background.

Last, click on the ‘Normalize Clip Volume’ button to mitigate the feedback noise.




The main challenge for this assignment was making the audio seamless and clear. Overall, I enjoyed working on this assignment and hopefully Youtube will not mind that I ‘borrowed’ some of my material.